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Governing Documents

Service Plan 

The formation and operation of a special district is governed by Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes and other applicable laws. The first step in formation of a special district is submittal of a Service Plan to the jurisdiction in which the property is located. The Service Plan is basically like a city charter and sets forth the powers that the district as government entity will have (i.e., the power to provide water, sanitary sewer, street and other public improvements).

SSMD – Service Plan
Annual Administrative Matters Resolution 

A resolution is the final form of a decision taken at a meeting by voting on a motion, with or without amendment. A resolution is binding for a Special District. It becomes effective when it is passed but minutes make the evidence of such resolution. An Annual Administrative Matters Resolution outlines statutory requirements of the district and binds the District to the fulfillment of these requirements.

SSMD – 2024 – Annual Administrative Matters ResolutionSSMD – 2023 – Annual Administrative Matters Resolution
Transparency Notice 

No more than sixty days prior to and not later than January 15 of each year, the board of a Special District must provide a Transparency Notice to the eligible electors of the special district which contains the following information:

1. The address and telephone number of the business office of the special district.

2. The name and business telephone number of the manager or other primary contact person of the special district.

3. The names of and contact information for the members of the board, the name of the board chair, and the name of each member whose office will be on the ballot at the next regular special district election.

4. The times and places designated for regularly scheduled meetings of the board during the year and the place where notice of board meetings is posted.

5. The current mill levy of the special district and the total ad valorem tax revenue received by the district during the last year.

6. The date of the next regular special district election at which members of the board will be elected.

7. Information on the procedure and time for an eligible elector of the special district to submit a self-nomination form for election to the board pursuant to section 1-13.5-303, C.R.S.

8. The address of any website on which the special district's election results will be posted.

9. Information on the procedure for an eligible elector to apply for a permanent absentee voter status.

SSMD Nos. 1-4 - 2024 - Transparency NoticeSSMD No. 1 - 2023 - Transparency NoticeSSMD No. 2 - 2023 - Transparency NoticeSSMD No. 3 - 2023 - Transparency NoticeSSMD No. 4 - 2023 - Transparency Notice
District Map 

All Title 32 Article 1 Special Districts are required by statute (C.R.S. 32-1-306) to annually file, on or before January 1, a current accurate map of their boundaries with the Division of Local Government (DLG).

SSMD - 2023 - District Map FilingSSMD - 2022 - District MapSSMD – 2022 – District Map Filing
Election Results and Resolutions 

Under the Colorado Local Government Election Code, regular elections are those where district directors are elected. These have been held on the Tuesday following the first Monday of May in even-numbered years, but beginning in 2023, they will be held in odd-numbered years. The transition to odd-numbered years was a result of House Bill 18-1039 and means that some districts will hold regular elections in May of both 2022 and 2023. Ballot issue elections concerning bonds (TABOR questions) must be held either at regular elections, in coordinated elections in November of even-numbered years, or in TABOR elections in November of odd-numbered years. Special elections, called by a special district board for non-TABOR questions, can be held in February, May (of even-numbered years), October, or December.

SSMD – 2023 – Election Resolution SSMD – 2023 – Resolution Calling for Cancellation of ElectionSSMD - 2023 - Call For NominationsSSMD - 2023 - Self Nomination Form - District 1SSMD - 2023 - Self Nomination Form - District 2SSMD - 2023 - Self Nomination Form - District 3SSMD - 2023 - Self Nomination Form - District 4
Annual Report 

A board of county commissioners, or the governing body of a municipality within whose boundaries a district is located, may request a district to file, not more than once a year, an annual report. The report includes, but isn’t limited to, information on the progress of the special district in the implementation of the service plan.

SSMD - 2021 - Annual Report.pdfSSMD - 2022 - Annual Report.pdf
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